App Config Reference

The app config is located at app/config/app.php. These options control core application functionality.


Control whether or not the container is compiled.

There is no corresponding configuration option for this value in the app/config definitions because this option is applied before the application container (and configuration) is loaded.

false or <unset>


The format used for rendering dates in the application views.

See the PHP date format documentation for possible values.


Enable application debugging and display error messages.

It is recommended that debug remains OFF unless troubleshooting an issue. Leaving this enabled WILL cause leakage of sensitive server information.

true or false


Parse and render README files on the page.

true or false


Your Google analytics tracking ID.

A string in the format of UA-123456789-0 or false to disable


File containing hidden file definitions. Will be merged with definitions from the 'hidden_files' configuration option.

See the Hiding Files page for additional info on hiding files.

A path (string) to a file


Array of hidden file definitions. Will be merged with definitions in the file defined in the hidden_files_list configuration option. Supports glob patterns (e.g. *.txt, file.{yml,yaml}, etc.).

See the Hiding Files page for additional info on hiding files.

An array of paths (strings)


Hide application specific files/directories (i.e. index.php and the app folder).

true or false


Hide dot files/directories from the listing.

true or false


Hide the files Version Control Systems (i.e. Git and Mercurial) use to store their metadata.

true or false


Text of the home link in the navigation breadcrumbs. If undefined or null will use the translated form of "home" from your selected language.

Any string


The application's interface language.

See the app/translations folder for available translations.


Your Matomo analytics site ID.

A Matomo analytics site ID (string)


Your Matomo analytics URL.

A Matomo analytics URL (string)


The maximum file size (in bytes) that can be hashed. This helps to prevent timeouts for excessively large files.

The larger a file is the longer it will take to calculate hashes for that file.

Any positive integer 0 - 9223372036854775807 (PHP_INT_MAX)


Meta tag description (i.e. <meta name="description">) text.

Any string


Show READMEs before the file listing.

true or false


When enabled, reverses the order of files (after sorting is applied).

true or false


The title of your directory listing. This will be displayed in the browser tab/title bar along with the current path.

Any string


Sorting order of files and folders. Can be one of several predefined values or a custom anonymous function.

When using an anonymous function it must be wrapped in a \DI\value() function. The anonymous function receives two \SplFileInfo objects as arguments and expects an integer to be returned.


'sort_order' => \DI\value(
    function (SplFileInfo $file1, SplFileInfo $file2) {
        return strcmp($file1->getRealPath(), $file2->getRealPath());

type, natural, name, accessed, changed, modified, <anonymous function>


Time zone used for date formatting.

For a list of supported time zones see:


Enable downloading of directories as a zip archive.

true or false


Compress Zip using Deflate. Enabling this option prevents file size estimation and it may prevent zip download resuming when paused.

true or false

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